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Knoxville. I am a 20 year old female person living in the Pine Barons of New Jersey *spooky fingers*My other blog-

I like cigarettes and alcohol and being naked and talking and dirt biking and green day and you. I can't promise that you will like me ok


Life isn’t pretty, but it sure is beautiful." | insp.

what do I tell her

what do I tell her


pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, make me fall in love with you~

I’m doing acid with my step sister and her girlfriend in a couple days

Do I clean up alright? I’m doing a photoshoot tonight, you guys! Yaaay

I wish you guys lived closer and we could have hair dying parties and eat pizza and huff spray paint while we watch BIAB

It’s interesting how after years of any kind of abuse, it becomes so normal to you that you just stop caring. It can be helpful, you’ll no longer spend your nights sobbing over it. But it’s also very sad- that this is something that is so constant in your life that you’ve become *used* to it. It’s part of your day, like eating, sleeping, drinking. Something that you no longer even bat an eye over. It still hurts, but you’re through with fighting and gradually care less and less.


Mike Dirnt -Bass Guitar
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame