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Knoxville. I am a 20 year old female person living in the Pine Barons of New Jersey *spooky fingers*My other blog-

I like cigarettes and alcohol and being naked and talking and dirt biking and green day and you. I can't promise that you will like me ok

We need to have a homicidal thoughts help line like the ones for suicide. Imagine how many murders could be stopped. But no one wants to help people with *homicidal* thoughts, because they’re just evil and the scum of the earth in the minds of many.
Think about it. Just as some people can not help having suicidal thoughts, some people can’t help having homicidal thoughts and urges. I’m sure a lot of them are just as scared of their own thoughts as someone who wants to kill themselves is. It’s really a selfish way to think, that all murderers or people with homicidal urges are just monsters. Maybe they WANTED help but were too scared to get it, or there aren’t enough places offering help for people having those thoughts. People fail to realize that murderers are often sufferers of serious mental and emotional problems as well. Do they not deserve help just because they want to hurt someone else and not themselves?

Anonymous said: Billie :)

B: Bagman’s Gambit by The Decemberists
I: I Just Can’t Help Believing by Elvis Presley
L: Let Him a Dangle by Elvis Costello
L: Life on Mars by David Bowie
I: I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama by John Lennon
E: Eaten By Your Love by The Kooks

tooyoungtobesolow said: Shannon😁

S: Sean Flynn by The Clash
H: Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall- Bob Dylan
A: Admit It!!! by Say Anything
N: Negative Creep by Nirvana
N: No One Knows by Green Day
O: Oh, Bury Me Not by Johnny Cash
N: None But The Brave by Bruce Springsteen

(PS: I included a Green Day song in this one, but the reason I’m not including too many of them is because I feel like people usually respond to these asks to find new music and I already know that anyone who follows me likes Green Day. I mean I’m sure people know a lot of the other songs I do but I KNOW you people know the green day songs, ya know?)
Thank you!

Green Day in store appearance: 1994 Sam Goody Store New York City,October 3, 1994 

Photo by Steve Eichner


Green Day - Let Yourself Go

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thebrickofselfcontrol said: Katherine

K: King Creole by Elvis Presley
A: Across the Universe by The Beatles
T: Tennessee Stud by Johnny Cash
H: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
E: Everything Goes To Hell by Tom Waits
R: Right Here In My Arms by HIM
I: I Looked At You by The Door
N: Nature Boy by David Bowie
E: Eyeball by The Meat Puppets